Monday, December 5, 2011

Using Knowledge Share to Enhance Company Brand

The Family Tree reading from this week seeks to explore the idea of transmission communication. This type of communication is linear, persuasive and goes through a unidirectional process, in which the sender sends the message to the receiver through several channels. This can be better described as a more evolving form of knowledge transfer.  David Levine and April Gilbert have explored the idea of knowledge transfer in great detail. In their research they have provided a comprehensive outlook into the theme and dissected its value with relevance to organizations. Gilbert claims that knowledge transfer is a common challenge shared by all organizations. Knowledge has emerged as one of the greatest assets to any organization. Even with the emergence of new technology and media, the role of knowledge has maintained the greatest influence. In fact, mechanisms such as the Internet have only been used to supplement knowledge transfer at its core. Organizations can now use systems such as the Intranet, Lotus Notes and Google Documents to transfer and share important information. Levine notes that most organizations have abandoned the hierarchal system of control and have adopted a strategy that embraces employee involvement and productivity. This increase involvement from employees contributes to boost in company morale and overall creativity within the organization. Companies are now using media convergence not only to build a better corporate profile, but to also increase the knowledge share and productivity of employees.

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  1. Calvin,

    You shed an interesting light on the role that ICTs play in knowledge transfer. I think our generation takes for granted the power that social media plays in transferring knowledge. Websites like facebook and twitter allows us to share information (whether substantive or not) that can have an impact on our world. If we’d only use these tools to spread messages of social importance-when I write social, I am NOT referring to “the club” lol- our world would be a more thought-provoking place!